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Common Mistakes When Making Offers to Buy Real Estate

Investors often make mistakes when determining the right offer to pay for investment real estate. Learn about the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

What Is Electronic Conveyancing and What Are Its Benefits?

Real estate transactions often involve a large volume of paperwork. Contracts alone can already have hundreds of pages and each contract needs to be provided in two copies. This often results in a high cost of printing, scanning, filing and archiving of documents.

How to Acquire Rentals

A lot of investors ask me how best to acquire rental properties. Typically, finding investment properties isn’t the issue, it’s financing the properties that is.

Key Benefits to Lending Private Money on Real Estate

Private Lending to Real Estate Investors offers many benefits, from higher rates of return than CD’s and savings accounts, to increased stability compared to the stock market or other forms of investing. Private Lenders also have more control over the terms of their investments than more conventional approaches.

Don’t Count on Rentals for Cash Flow

If you’re interested in owning rentals (and you should be) let me share a very important fact: Owning rentals is expensive. I hear over and over from investors that they plan to own rentals for the cash flow.

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