Episode 71: Doing Lease Options in Multiple States with Robert Fendler

Facts You Need to Know About Buying Land and Property Taxes

If you are buying a property in Wales you will need to know the changes. Stamp duty has gone and Land Transaction Tax (LTT) is here.

9 Pro Tips To Get Started In Property Investment

When it comes to creating a retirement nest-egg for future, the property is one of the safe and long-term investments. While some of the real estate investors looking to purchase the property to rent it out right away. But others may decide to live in the home while they renovate it. So, remember that investing in the mortar and bricks can be the best way to make wealth, but there are few golden rules that you have to note before jumping into the property investment

Decline in Affordable Housing Supply Confirmed

Affordable homes are hard to come by these days particularly in Melbourne and Sydney. This has been confirmed by the latest Mapping the Market Report of CoreLogic that looked into the shift on housing costs in capital cities over the past five years.

Top Things Buyers Look For In A Property

Homebuyers differ in the things they look for when buying a property. Some families prefer flat homes with a backyard while some prefer a two-level property. There are young couples who like to live near the beach with views of the water while the others opt for an apartment near the city center.

Real Estate Outlook for May 2018

Recently, we have seen a cyclone of economic and political news and developments that has affected the real estate industry. Overall, these developments have created somewhat higher downside risks. Growth and inflation data over the last month have not come up to our forecasts. In our view, the mixed data suggests a temporary pause in growth. Lower inflation data could indeed imply slightly higher labor costs and perhaps the continuation of a Pollyanna outcome.

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