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News for Investors: Downtown Los Angeles Is Changing

Architects, designers, builders, the mayor of Los Angeles and its fans have long known this fact: Downtown Los Angeles has finally reached its popularity spin. Buyers are coming to the same conclusion: Downtown LA is the most undervalued major city on planet Earth. Well, actually downtown LA has been doing wondrously since 1995 during which time the Community Redevelopment Agency of the city of Los Angeles undertook to level homes and clear land for future commercial skyscraper development.

Tips for Purchasing Overseas Property in Japan

If you have thought about buying property in an overseas market, but not sure what to look for, this article might help. Focusing on properties in Japan, the article highlights factors taken into consideration by actual satisfied foreign buyers.

The Ghaziabad Property Market Thrives on Superb Connectivity and Smart-City Tag

The city initially developed as an industrial hub which gave way to a higher commercial activity thus paving the path for a growing residential destination. NH-24, NH-58 and Raj Nagar Extension are the three popular localities.

Why Downtown Los Angeles Is the Place for Alternative Commercial Money Lenders to Focus on in 2016

All reports show that baby boomers are our up-and-coming home buyers. Baby boomer professionals with money are looking to settle down and buy parcels of land that they can call their own and, if they have children, pass on to coming generations. Baby boomers mostly live, work and play in downtown Los Angeles and that is why this article suggests that alternative commercial hard money lenders may want to consider focusing their business on that area.

What’s Up in Commercial Lending Trends for California 2016?

At the REALTORS Conference & Expo in San Diego last month, lenders and government officials on a panel called “Commercial Lending and Financing: The Ever-Changing Landscape” discussed local trends policy and technology that could change the way deals are funded in the near future. Although held in San Diego, the discussion at the exposition spanned California as a whole and its predictions are as true as ever. Here they are: More Complete Data Until now banks had the upper hand.

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