How to Calculate Vacation Rental Profits (In 5 Minutes)

Money Is Actually Important

“If you think that money is not important, you don’t have any” After hearing the panelist make this comment, I immediately looked around the room to see who he just offended. Although I agree with him, I was surprised to hear him make such a strong comment in such a public forum. The truth is, this type of belief makes people without money, and no plans to get it, feel better.

Do You Focus on a Particular Investment Strategy?

When you start investing in real estate, how do you decide where to focus, what to study? Naturally, you can’t learn or become skilled in all the strategies and investment areas at once.

How Far Away Are Your Rental Properties?

Do you own rental properties? (You should.

Is the Cost of Owning Rentals Worth It?

I’m strongly biased in favor of owning rentals, so my short answer is “yes”. Read on to find out why I absolutely love owning rentals and believe everyone should.

Do You Need a Buyer’s List Before You Find a Property?

This is one of those chicken/egg questions that a lot of investors ask. Do I need a property before I look for buyers, or should I have a list of buyers before I find a property?

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