Learn How To Analyze Your Real Estate Deals with Daniil Kleyman & Jay Conner

Real Estate Investing in the Time of Covid

My, how things have changed – quickly! If you’re still investing, I’d love to hear how you’re adjusting and what you see for the future.

Doing A Personal Financial Assessment

Have you ever done a personal assessment on your finances? There are always ways to improve your finances and in order to get to the ultimate goal of a large rental portfolio, your fiances need to be at maximum health.

Buying A Real Estate Note Is Like Buying A Boat

When you get right down to it, buying a non-performing real estate note is like buying a boat; the two happiest days are the day you buy it, and the day you sell it! Investing in a non-performing note (NPN-NPL), and cashing out for a profit, are my two happiest days as a note investor.

Only 2%

Many people identifying themselves as investors are giving up their evenings, weekends, spare moments, and often times money to attend classes, seminars and webinars on this elusive topic of real estate investing. For this reason, I ask the question: “Why are you even here today?”

Refinancing Pitfalls With a Fix and Flip – Keeping the Property When Your Flip Becomes A Flop

This painful experience taught me many important lessons; don’t go cheap on finishes, what to look for in a budget, and the pitfalls of the refinance. Lending has changed since then, so I reached out to Joe Massey at Castle and Cooke mortgage, our preferred lender in Colorado, to get some help on what issues investors are running into today when they try to refinance their flip.

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