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What Is The Value Of An Entitlement?

An entitlement is the “fact of having a right to something.” When you are dealing with real estate that generally means that a property has been approved for a use or uses that other properties have not been approved for. The entitlement may be as important as allowing the development of a casino hotel on a site making it worth millions more than properties that adjoin it, or it may be as minor as being on a roadway that allows on-street parking.

400 First Homebuyers to Benefit From Victoria’s Equity Scheme

The government of Victoria will soon co-purchase houses with some 400 first homebuyers. Under the shared equity scheme called HomesVic, first homebuyers in the low-income group will be able to apply to cover up to a quarter of their mortgage. This will be available to those planning to buy in certain growth areas and regional centres.

How To Inspect A Property Before Sale

Open inspections are a great opportunity for homebuyers to check the condition of the property they are targeting to buy. Buyers and investors should find time to personally visit the property to be able to make a guided buying decision. In fact, it would be a good idea to take down notes to keep track of the features that impress and don’t impress you.

How I Decide The Right Price For House Purchases

The process and strategies I use to determine the right price to pay when purchasing a house to fix and flip. Profit is made when you buy a house, and knowing the right price to pay is a blend of science and art.

Gurugram “The Millennium” City of India, Real Estate Overview

Gurugram is better known as the millennium city of India. It is a city located in the state of Haryana and also falls under the national capital region. It isn’t incorrect to say that Gurugram is one the fastest growing cities in the nation today, which is why it has become the hub of industries and Information technology in present times. Not only Gurugram has the highest literacy rate but also stands as the city with the highest literacy rate in Haryana, at 84.7 percent. The per capita income is also the third highest in India owing to its ever-growing industrial nature and increasing employment.

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