10 Best Real Estate Books (For EVERY Investor)

RERA – Impact on Home Buyers

Investing in real estate is no more a risky task for the buyers since the RERA Real Estate Regulation Act) has come in practices. The home buyers are now assured the delivery of the property on the time which is committed by the builders. RERA has brought the transparency within the real estate services. According to the RERA act, implemented since May 2016, builders need to give the timely delivery of the projects to the buyers.

Apartment Complex Real Estate Investing With Demographic Analysis

How can you benefit as a real estate investor from the current tragic hurricanes of Irma, Harvey and Maria? How can you benefit as a real estate investor from the expansion of Amazon and Walmart warehouses? Analysis of this data and demographics need to be used for an investor in apartment complexes and commercial real estate.

What’s the Real Story of Apartment Building Investing?

Investing in turnkey apartment or multifamily buildings has it’s advantages over single family homes. But you have to buy apartment building right and get commercial financing to leverage your money or 1031 exchange. To make a turnkey investment you need the right property management and partnerships. You also need the right location like Chicago or secondary markets.

15 Tips for Negotiating Your Purchase Price

When sitting in front of a seller, negotiating a purchase price that is acceptable to both of you can take time and be a bit intimidating for both parties. Here are some of the things we use that make the process much more simple and successful for everyone involved.

Winter Is Coming – It’s a Great Time for Real Estate Investing

Many investors say that December or January are their most profitable months. Why?

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