How to Buy a Condemned House

A Few Factors Contributing To the Steady Real Estate Growth in Bangalore

Irrespective of the volatility in the Indian real estate market, Bangalore has accomplished a stable growth in real estate when compared to other metropolitan cities. There has been a great increase in people purchasing homes and investing in real estate in Bangalore.

All You Need To Know About – Investing In New Residential Properties In Bangalore

The article discusses the new and upcoming residential projects in Bangalore and the places that see most investment interest. Moreover, the article provides tips for investing in residential projects in Bangalore.

Real Estate Investing Negotiating Tip: Urgency

Often when negotiating with a motivated seller they want time to think about your offer. What they really want is to “shop” your offer with others to see if someone will pay more. Don’t get caught on the wrong side of this negotiation – you’ll lose every time because someone is always willing to pay a few hundred more. Here’s a tip to stop that seller and make him think about the value of time.

An Important Lesson From a Class of 7 Year Olds

Recently I went to my daughter’s end of school year play. She was so excited for me to come and for good reason. It was clear that the kids worked really hard and they put on a fantastic show.

Explaining Mortgages For Foreign Investors In A Nutshell

Today, more and more foreign buyers are making a beeline for the housing markets in the United States. These buyers are interested in this specific financial product.

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