How to Guarantee a 25% Return on Investment in Real Estate

Mulund Vs Dombivali: Where to Park Your Money?

Mumbai is the city that grows vertically into its ultimate skyscrapers that define the chic lifestyle the city offers. Over the last decade, the values of residential real estate in the city have multiplied manifold, particularly in the developing suburbs. The two localities that have garnered greatest attention of the buyers are- Mulund and Dombivali.

Why Would Someone Invest in Real Estate Notes?

What are real estate-backed notes and how do they become an investment vehicle? This article is a brief introduction to performing notes.

6 Golden Rules to Follow Before You Invest in Turnkey Real Estate

Real estate investing is not for everyone. It requires patience, consistency and persistence and it comes with its share of challenges that must be considered before making the leap. A lot of new investors are interested in investing in turnkey real estate because they think that they won’t have to do any work.

Reasons For Investing In Real Estate Properties Today

There are indeed a couple of ways on increasing your current finances. Investing it the right way is a wise idea. Property investment can be a smart option.

Why One Should Invest In Bangalore?

Bangalore is spread out across 1,276 square kilometers of land in Southern Karnataka, and it is the third most densely populated city in India. Popularly known as Silicon Valley of India, the city houses many leading IT companies, offering services related to Information Technology to clients across the globe. Being a famous IT hub, the city is attracting real estate investors over the years.

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