9 ‘Bulletproof’ Rental Property Improvements

Four Profit Levers in UK Property Investing

Whenever you purchase a buy to let residential property for investment purposes, there are only four areas where you can make money which are commonly known as the profit levers. This article assumes that you are buying with a mortgage as most property investors do these days. PROFIT LEVER 1 – DISCOUNT Whenever you buy an investment property you should always aim to buy with a discount no matter how small as this will multiply many-fold over the term of your purchase when in conjunction with profit levers 3 and 4 below.

The Secret to Find Wealth in a Property Close to Hot Spring Waters

Have you ever researched about the natural hot spring waters in Costa Rica? These hot spring waters based in Costa Rica, area in many areas close to volcanic regions. So that is why they maybe be surrounded by tropical rain forest providing and additional dose of mineral and pristine springs.

Benefits of Diversified Portfolio Benefits in International Real Estate

When it comes to investing in real estate, people tend to be vigilant about their investments options. What they seem to ignore is how the profit and growth ratio investing in real estate abroad can provide them with great success.

Investing in Real Estate – 4 Investment Options

When investing in real estate, you have several options. This article discusses four options available to real estate investors.

Penalties for Operating, or Selling, a Residential, Unlicensed HMO Property

In 2004. following widespread public outcry, over the manner in which a number of rogue landlords were abusing their tenants, who were living in shared accommodation, in 2006, the UK Government introduced the Housing Act. This Act introduced compulsory House in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) licencing, where the property had more than 4 rentable bedrooms, a Local Authority Status of multiple tenancy, and was occupied by tenants from more than 2 households. The Act made it a criminal offence for a landlord to either manage such a property in that unlicensed state, or to sell it to another landlord.

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