How to Wholesale With $1000

Reasons to Invest in Real Estate in Mumbai

Not having a particular location in mind to invest in property provides flexibility to explore real estate market with a more logical approach. Apart from high ROI, there are more reasons to invest in Mumbai.

Luxury Apartments – The Next Big Boom

The unpredictable nature of the real estate business has seen a lot of highs and lows in the sale of properties. While many cities post positive results in the sale of housing units thanks to price-cuts, real estate marketers are going ahead with luxury projects though they have risks involved.

Reasons Why Noida Should Be Your Next Investment Destination

Noida is a growing real estate market. It has experienced tremendous revivals over the last two decades with development in infrastructure status, amenities and a strong civic framework.

Always Have a Contingency Plan

It is like having “Plan B”, except it is not. When it comes to property investing, it is very much like running your own business – always have a “rainy day”/ “spare” – aka contingency budget in place. The last thing you want to see is a $0 balance or even worse, a negative one (if you have an overdraft) in your bank account.

From an Expert Direct Hard Money Lender to You: Here’s How to Know When to Flip

I won’t kid you. Direct hard money lending has an allure to it. Perhaps because it opens up all sorts of opportunities, whether true or not, that somehow or other makes you think that you can get a loan regardless of how dismal your credit rating is.

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