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What Newbies Need To Know About Investment Property Financing

Not sure how to get a loan? This will explain how, and what you need to do!

Tips for Buying an Abandoned Property

The world of real estate is one of the most diverse in terms of investments. There are many types of properties that people from different buyer groups can focus to become their investments. One such property type falls to the group of abandoned properties.

Momentum: A Secret Weapon to Destroy Your Fear

I had such a good time delivering my motivational message to both the Denver and Minnesota Investor Success Summits in the fall, that I wanted to write a series of articles on what was discussed. The goal of the presentation was to help motivate and inspire investors to take action and achieve success. Based on the feedback I received, that goal was accomplished.

3 Useful Tips to Invest In Property in Bali

The property market in Bali has seen significant growth in recent years. A major reason for the property transformation is the boost in the country’s tourism that has seen more people visiting this island destination.

How to Effectively Market Your Rental Income Properties

A few tips on how agents, brokers, and real estate investors can make their rental income property marketing presentations more effective to prospective buyers. It concerns limiting the initial marketing presentation to the suggested financials and reports.

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