Watch Me Flip A House From Start to Finish – PART 2: Rehab & Re-Sale

How To Make Money and Earn Handsome Capital

When it comes to the most popular investment destinations in Chennai, the localities in the South of Chennai have been one of the most favoured locations for a multitude of reasons, one of them being its proximity to the buzzing Outer Ring Road (ORR), Vandalur, the Vandalur – Kelambakkam main road, the Oragadam- Sriperumbudur Road and significantly Tambaram. Urapakkam has been at the forefront of driving the housing/ residential market in an upward trend, mainly because Urapakkam is considered a highly affordable solution besides which the accessibility is unparalleled. Coming within the Kanchipuram district, Urapakkam is central between…

Tenancy In Common & 1031 Exchanges

Tenancy In Common is an excellent way to take advantage of the tax-deferred benefits of a 1031 exchange. Learn the basics here.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Real Estate Investments

So you’re planning to invest on the realty sector! Well, that’s certainly a great move as an investor! But, if you are planning to invest in the realty sector to earn a huge profit from the rental income and capital value appreciation, you will have to choose between residential and commercial real estate.

Why Istanbul Might Be a Good Investment Destination

Istanbul is one of the most prominent cities in the world and in Turkey which is exclusively known for its vivid culture and its enormous history. This country due to its architectural spectre, it’s beautiful beaches and its food, has become something of quite interest amongst the tourists who have started visiting this country in numbers. And while this city earns a major portion of its money from tourists, property is something which has created quite a roar in the recent times.

Low Price Properties in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most prominent cities of Turkey which is influenced by the cultures of two continents – namely Asia and Europe. Istanbul, Turkey’s financial and cultural hub happens to be most populous city. Istanbul is of extreme importance to the world as it is one of those places that bridges European and Asian continents, not only physically, but also culturally.

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