Why Off Market Real Estate Deals are Easier to Wholesale?

Investing in the ‘Affordable Luxury’ of Gurgaon

The micro-markets of Gurgaon are rising as the hotspots of commercial and residential property in the National Capital Region (NCR). Sohna Road is one such region that is highly preferred by the avid players of Indian real estate market.

The Evolving Environment for GSEs

The Government-Sponsored Enterprises are gradually moving in two new directions. They are requiring buyers of their notes to use foreclosure only after other mitigation attempts have failed. They are also making it easier for non-profits and other smaller entities to buy their discounted assets.

Top Localities To Invest In Bangalore

Bangalore is the capital city of the Indian state of Karnataka. Spread across 1276 square kilometers of land in Southern Karnataka, Bangalore is the third most densely populated city in India. The city was established in the year 1537 and ruled by several dynasties.

Tips on Making a Successful Investment in Luxury Real Estate

The real estate market always seems to be growing. Even after this ever-burgeoning factor, a typical real estate investor terms the prices of property attractive. In the midst of it, there are many investors who book losses in immovables due to their lack of comprehension about a certain aspect related to the realty market.

Mumbai: The Hub of Premium Real Estate in India

The city continues to receive all the limelight because of its high price and glamorous real estate sector. According to a recent report published by JLL India, real estate in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) will continue to be high priced in comparison to its counterparts in other parts of the country like the National Capital Region (NCR), Bangalore and Chennai.

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