100+ Units at 25 and How to Find a Mentor in Multifamily

Considering Buying Income Property? Have A Revenue Strategy

Many savvy investors realize how essential real estate investing might be, as a component of one’s overall strategy, etc! Some get involved as partners or investors in larger projects, where they depend on others to make the right decisions. Others, however, prefer to make their own decisions, and invest in smaller projects, where they become responsible for decisions and strategies.

Tips on How to Negotiate Real Estate

Palos Verdes, CA. When I first started buying and selling rental income property, I put an offer in on a building. I had my appointment set at 1:00 PM and I had to wait until 3:00 before the seller would see me.

Finding a Down Payment for Your Real Estate Investment

In order to meet their loan to value ratios (LTVs), nearly all lenders require borrowers to have some “skin in the game” or equity in each fix and flip project. How does a real estate investor who is just starting in the business or is tied up in another project obtain the down payment necessary to qualify for a hard money loan?

Why the UK Is Attracting Investors Looking for Student Accommodation

Understand what makes the UK such an attractive destination for student property investors. Learn more about the locations and what to look out for.

Where to Start As a Real Estate Investor?

Getting started as a real estate Investor is easy. You must complete these two most important steps to get started.

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