$35k/yr Cop to $300,000,000 in Real Estate w/ Whitney Sewell

Facts About Real Estate

Real estate is a lucrative sector in today’s society. Knowing some important facts can be helpful especially if one is considering to invest in this market. Follow closely new markets trends and do some critical thinking before investing heavily so that the businesses can flourish

Keys to Finding Great Real Estate Properties

The most vital part of your business is finding a great investment! Take your time and don’t get aggravated. Your ideal investment is out there, you just have to have the fortitude and carefulness to persist and find that great money maker.

My First Flip Was a Flop

I thought I had everything figured out before my first deal. Turns out I was wrong and nearly paid for it. Fortunately, I did have a solid plan and was able to recover from a bad deal and find a new direction in real estate.

Staying Motivated: Why Some Investors Are Successful While Others Are Not

Ever wonder why some investors are having their worst years while others are having the best they have ever had? I met with one really successful investor that believed the next three years will set him up for the rest of his life. He will be retired, or at least be able to retire, before he is 40.

Why Invest in Real Estate?

Though, real estate has taken a thump in the recent years, but still it is one of the healthiest ways of investment in the long run. Moreover, investing in real estate during a slump is a wise idea as it brings lucrative returns. Here’s why making an investment in the real estate can prove to be beneficial.

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