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What Makes Kanakapura Road an Ideal Location for Real Estate Investment?

Ideally located in the South of Silicon Valley in Bangalore, Kanakapura Road has risen from being a green jungle to one of the most coveted localities of the city. Being a clean and green suburban area of Bangalore, the locality got a place on its realty radar owing to its good connectivity features.

British Public Choose to Leave the EU, What Does This Mean for Property Investors?

The British public has taken the monumental decision to leave the European Union. What does that mean for those looking to invest in the UK’s property market? An Opportunity for Overseas Investors to Take Advantage of the Pound Sterling’s Short Term Weakness The pound sterling has been strong and stable currency.

Tips on Investment Properties for Beginners

When you have extra cash and want to invest it the best option is real estate because they have high returns. Although property prices in the short term may go up and down, they appreciate substantially in the long run. Investment properties are something that you can bank on as it will acquire value with the development of the areas in the vicinity of the property.

Noida-Greater Noida Property Hotspot in NCR Circuit

Real estate investment requires micro level of market research as it involves higher degree of risk. There are several factors that influence the decision of investment in a particular locality. With the purpose of reducing the risk and helping in making informed decision, here’s sneak peek into the prominent region of Delhi NCR circuit called Noida – Greater Noida.

Is It Still Worth Investing in Property Since the Increase in Stamp Duty?

We explore whether it is still economically viable to invest in property since the stamp duty increase, and what sort of properties you can invest in to minimise the effect of the increase or completely bypass it altogether. The Impact of the Increase in Stamp Duty…

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