Landlord-Tenant Laws In Pandemic Times – with Altagracia Pierre Outerbridge

How to Create a Win-Win Scenario With Your Real Estate Contractors

Having a tough time with your real estate contractor? Apply these three methods to bring value to their business and create a win-win scenario.

How Networking Is the Key to Completing Real Estate Deals

In my conversation with Dion Johnson, who is in the process of closing on his first and second flip, he explained why he believes that “your network is your net worth.” By attending 3 networking events every week and surrounding himself with people that know more than him, he was able obtain his first two deals, one of which required him to have zero money out of pocket!

How to Save Thousand of Dollars on Your Taxes Via Cost Segregation

In my conversation with tax expert Jeff Hobbs, he explained a little known and little understood method that is virtually guaranteed to put money in your pocket. The method is called cost segregation, and Jeff explains what it actually is and why every investor should look into the benefits.

Investment Property For Beginners

Becoming a real estate investor and owning your first investment property may not be easy, but it is very financially rewarding. With a little research and some due diligence, financial independence is within your grasp.

Valuable Real Estate: Stories of Hidden Treasure

Purchasing real estate can involve intense negotiation before both parties are satisfied, but some of these buyers got a better bargain than they realized. Here are stories of homeowners throughout history that found unexpected prizes in their new abodes.

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