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Realty Trend of Bangalore’s Top Localities

A list of most demanding areas for residential purpose in Bangalore as per their recent market trend and according to the returns on investment. There are some other areas whose land value has immensely increased in a very short time frame.

Explaining Like-Kind Exchanges That Lie Under IRC Section 1031

As and when a business or an investment property is sold, the seller will have to pay taxes on the gains (which are accrued from the transaction) at the time of selling. This provision has caused distress to many foreign nationals; which is why IRC Section 1031 was formulated. How the IRC Section 1031 has changed the lives of a foreign national investor?

Lessons From a Bull Rider: How Riding Bulls Helped Me Become A Better Real Estate Investor

In the 18 years of my life, my heart has never pounded so hard. I was behind the bucking chutes in Greeley Colorado, at the high school state finals rodeo. It was the middle of the day, but it was dark out.

Emergence of Real Estate Near Dwarka Zone, New Delhi

In the past couple of years, India and Delhi, in particular, has been hard it in the property market due to which it is at it’s all time low. The investors and buyers are since then looking for an opportunity to revive the real estate business. Once such opportunity has presented itself near Dwarka zone of Delhi. Land Pooling Policy (LPP) and its benefits are core to this new development in the market.

Get Koramalised – Invest In Koramangala, Bangaluru

Back in the 80’s and 90’s, Koramangala, once known as Sollemangala, was a parched area where properties had only a few takers. The area was barely developed and was home to only a few who could not afford the then posh localities. A few clairvoyant senior citizens who saw potential in the area being an ideal residential place seized the day and dedicated themselves to make Koramangala a desirable location to live in. With an objective to bring in the aura of peace to the place and these senior citizens formed an association called the” Swabhimana Koramangala Initiative” Their first leg in making Koramangala habitable was clearing the garbage out.

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