What Works Best to Find Great Real Estate Deals? Cold Calling or Text Messaging

Why Mumbai Is a Hotspot for NRI Real Estate Investors

Depreciating rupee and stable real estate prices are not the only reasons that make Mumbai a favourable property market for NRI investments. There are economic, infrastructure and legal reasons as well.

Commercial Hard Money Lenders Do Not Fund Terrorists

In California, the noose has tightened around online lending industries since the epidemic of terrorist attacks that took place on American soil largely starting with 2001. Local government came up with new regulations and scrutiny that more recently (Dec. 2015) included the California Department of Business Oversight. Some observers are concerned that California’s hard money lenders may unknowingly fund terrorist activity. This article shows how such fears are ungrounded.

Tools and Resources for Fix and Flip Loan Approval

When renovating a property and opting for bank financing, many turn to fix and flip loans. While some people invest in real estate with private funds, many rely on financing. Banks have become a bit more stringent when granting these types of loans, so here are some important things to consider.

Mid-Sized Businesses May Be the Greatest Opportunity for Hard Money Lenders in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city of businesses large, medium-sized and small. It is also the home of entrepreneurs. Interestingly enough, it seems as though most of these small businesses are disinclined to borrow and to risk their savings in further growth leaving the borrowing to the larger companies.

The Shadow World of Shadow Lenders in California

Not all is good in the shadow world of California’s hard money commercial lenders and this article seeks to make potential borrowers aware of it so that if and when you want to loan, you’ll know what to look out for. Firstly, what are private bridge lenders Private bridge lenders, albeit private money lenders or hard money lenders, fill the gap of banks, credit unions or traditional lending institutions in that they proffer you funds based on the value of your collateral rather than on investigation of your credit. Nowadays, banks are becoming ever…

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