Fighting Analysis Paralysis & Becoming “The General”

When Making Your Offer to Purchase – Don’t Think for the Seller!

There are a lot of questions and concerns regarding how to present an offer to a seller. As real estate investors, we usually present these offers ourselves rather than using real estate agents, so it’s important that you learn how to negotiate and how to be confident when presenting.

10 Ways to Find Cash Buyers for Your Wholesale Deals

After reading my previous wholesale posts, you should be able to find deals and know that they need to be purchased at deep enough discount that you can sell them to investors who can, in turn, make their own profit from them. Here we’ll assume you have these great deals and you simply don’t have buyers to purchase them.

What Is My House Worth? Tips to Appraise Your Own Home

Are you always thinking how much your house is now worth? Many instances, you’ve heard that appraising property values are best handled by professionals. Despite the strong urge to hire their services you have always reservations within that hiring them is pricy.

More Advice for New Real Estate Investors

What advice would you give to a new investor? 1.

Good Versus Bad Debt – Is Real Estate Debt OK?

Here’s a very basic conversation about “Good Debt” versus “Bad Debt” Is there such a thing as “good debt”? Years ago, I considered “good debt” to be an oxymoron.

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